Testimonials and customer comments…

Love the designs on the web.  KG

The pieces are much loved and admired every time they are worn.  AH

Gail, we have just received the earrings and would just like to say that they are beautiful (my wife’s reaction), and thank you very much for your great service. AO

Thank you very much for the ring it fits perfectly and looks wonderful with the bangle and necklace. I have already been wearing them and had lots of nice comments !!! SC

I purchased one of your acrylic bangles at Bovey Tracey craft fair and have loved it and worn it a great deal.  HS

I saw some of your jewellery on display at the National Theatre this weekend and just loved it!  KG

I’ve been looking at your website and very much admire your work.  TN

I love your jewellery and both own and have given a number of beautiful pieces over the years.  Thank you for your wonderful work.  JD

I just wanted to enquire about the availability of a bangle. I have that one already in different colours and it is constantly admired!  Actually one of the people that admired it is my friend SP and I know that her husband M has found you an invaluable source of birthday and anniversary presents ever since! SD

I think my husband has bought me a pair of your earrings every year for at least 10 years…at the fair. JK

Please forgive the delay in thanking you for sending my jewellery. It arrived & is lovely. JB

Thank you very much for my newly restored necklace. Wonderful job.  JH

The necklaces have arrived safely, they look lovely, thank you very much. SW

Thank you so much for making replacement earrings for me – I’m absolutely delighted with them and they are now my new favourites.  I love the fact that they’re so ultra-light to wear, and the way the light catches them.  Absolutely gorgeous :o)  LM

Many thanks for making me my necklace so quickly, I’m really pleased with it. JG

I bought some of your jewellery at the Islington Christmas fair last year. I love what I have and would love to buy more. SC

Your work is beautiful.  LW

Firstly may I say how lovely your jewellery is, I have been buying it for several years at the London and Manchester Dazzle exhibitions – I tour all the cabinets and somehow always come back to your designs.  My equally jewellery-crazed friend who comes with me on this outings says (jokingly, I hope!) that you’ll end up taking out a restraining order on me if it carries on!  I have lost count of the number of people who have complimented the necklaces whilst out and about.  JS

I so loved my acrylic earrings (bought a couple of years ago at Dazzle in Edinburgh.)  I wore them to my son’s wedding last month and lost one. Is there any hope that you might replace one for me?  LS

Just a quick note to say “thank you” for organising the fabulous jewellery for me on Thursday.  It hardly needs saying that it was a triumph!! It went so well with my outfit and enjoyed many compliments!  My daughter was absolutely thrilled with her necklace too and I’m sure your work will spread through family and friends.  MP

with thanks -my repaired and new things…  now i am a happy bunny again  CG

I am emailing from Melbourne, Australia. I have just seen a wonderful choker of yours this evening and I wonder if it is possible to purchase one.  NG

I am interested in purchasing a large flat square ring in azure blue tones with gold accents from your collection.   I love your work and would love to have a piece from your collection.  MP USA

I am extremely fond of this jewellery.  UO

I really liked your designs and bought a necklace and ear-rings to match.  JFC

I have once again lost one of my favourite earrings which you very kindly replaced for me some 2/3 years ago.  Is it possible for me to send you the remaining earring so that you can make one that matches ?  JG

Last year I bought two items from your stand at the Contemporary Art Fair in Bovey Tracey – a pale gold choker – a single ‘neck-shaped’ piece and a ring in the same colourway. I love the pieces and wonder if you might have a bangle in this colourway. I know your pieces are generally a bit more colourful but I love the simplicity of these. JHW

Sadly I have managed to lose one of a pair of rather old earrings I have had from you for many years and I wondered whether you would be able to create another or make a matching second pair ? RG

I purchased a set of your beautiful jewellery at the Spirit of Christmas and have worn it lots and always had such wonderful comments. JG

Jewellery gratefully received yesterday. Looks gorgeous – beautiful intense reds and purples – thank you.  TC

My mother’s Christmas present to me was one of your beautiful metallic painted acrylic rings from Dazzle at the National Theatre.  I absolutely love your designs.  VFG

The valentine’s postman brought me your earrings which are the exactly right colour.  TP

Thanks ever so much for the jewellery.  The new pieces arrived today, and look stunning on – guess what I’ll be wearing to work tomorrow ! CE

Thank you so much for the necklace. What a clever invention. The earrings are fabulous and were much worn over the festivities. JJ

Just to say that when I arrived home tonight my earrings and pendant were here and they are a perfect match.  Thank you so much – I look forward to wearing them this weekend and to hinting to the family for my birthday!! MP

I hope I have found the maker of my very favourite pair of earrings, one of which is lost (they match a bangle of the same design). RS

Thank you so much for the elastic for my bangle, it’s great to be able to wear it again, I missed it. JF

Thanks so much for sending the invitation for the private view – I took my husband and my daughter and her husband.  You’ll be pleased to hear we almost emptied your showcase!  My lovely husband bought me a pendant, earrings, ring and bangle in the wonderful indigo/purple colour for Christmas, and my daughter bought 3 rings and a pendant!  My husband says you’re not to send any more invitations!! Thanks again, we shall so enjoy wearing them all. AH

I was so pleased to receive a card just the other day about your exhibitions in London this winter because I did not know your name to look to see where I might find more of  your jewellery. I bought a choker last year at the Origin exhibition at Somerset House -I love it very it very much it  and I do not easily find jewellery I like. I went back to Origin this year especially to seek out your work but I did not see you there. I just wanted to say thank you for the pleasure your choker has given me and please keep me on your mailing list. SB

Thanks for getting back to me, your jewellery is beautiful.  ES

I am a big fan of your jewellery and could do with a top up! EC

Choker just received – fabulous just what I wanted – thank you! SB

Just to let you know that the clip earrings which you changed to stud for me at the Devon Craft Fair have arrived and are great. I have been wearing them all day and they look super and are very comfortable.  I am looking at your website for something to go with them! AT

 I bought some of your work at Dazzle last weekend and think it’s really beautiful. SR

I, my partner and my sister have all been enormous fans and collectors of your jewellery, particularly earrings for many years, and I’d be grateful for information on any new events/exhibitions etc. .We fully intend to continue to buy new stuff as and when we find it, but we have, inevitably, managed to amass a small collection of single and/or shaftless earrings.  Do you offer any kind of repair/replacement service, or can you recommend  someone for repairs? SH

I’m a big fan of your designs (as is the rest of the family) and we all have several pieces of which we are all very fond – bought in various venues RJ

 All jewellery is wonderful – colours perfect ! Wearing it as I write…  GC

 Just to let you know the earrings arrived today and as I suspected it is the larger ones that are definitely best for me – absolutely super!  I can see the need for a green pair coming on rapidly! SN