Serpentine necklace


A veritable treasure hoard

Over the years I have been hoarding my favourite creations,  but now I have squirreled away so many pieces that I have quite run out of space to store them. I have therefore reluctantly decided that I have to part with them. I call them my Reserve Collection, rather like a fine wine, which I am offering for sale exclusively from my website

I am going to present the work in a series of posts of which this is the first.  I will try to describe the history and the thinking behind my work.

Serpentine necklace – 2015

I designed the necklace above for Lesley Craze Gallery’s 30th anniversary. The late Lesley Craze was a key sponsor of up-and-coming contemporary jewellery designers and it was a great privilege to be selected to supply her gallery after I graduated from the Royal College, until the gallery closed shortly before Lesley passed away.

The design is quite bold and striking and this necklace makes quite a statement. It will be noticed and become a conversation piece.

It is made from 30 individually hand-cut acrylic blocks and assembled into a wavy formation that can be worn in different configurations. The graduated purple, blue and gold tint are applied in such a way as to allow the colour of the clothing below to show through as well harmonising the overall effect.

The piece is quite chunky but weighs only 272 grams and is comfortable to wear. The pieces are articulated with transparent elasticated cord which gives it a degree of streachability.