Round hinged bracelet (Margarita)


Looks great and easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Designed for comfort as well as impact, this bracelet comes in two sizes. It fits snugly on the wrist, but opens wide to make it easy to put on. The hinges are set into the acrylic for maximum comfort.
SKU 2001

Margarita is smart and outgoing.  Sweet and light and fun to wear.

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All measurements are approximate.
-Inside diameter (closed): 59mm x 55mm (slightly oval)
-(when stretched or opened): 70mm
-Outside diameter: 90mm
-Width: 34mm
-Weight: 117 grams
-Inside diameter (closed): 54mm x 50mm (slightly oval)
-(when stretched or opened): 65mm
-Outside diameter: 85mm
-Width: 34mm
-Weight: 112 grams