Large flat square necklace (Margarita)


Sophisticated eye-catching necklace. Stylish, comfortable to wear and fits most necks.
SKU 2062

Available in two styles a) as a wire necklet or b) on a slinky fern chain. The necklet is made of solid sterling silver wire with a simple easy-open/close catch. The fern chain is a double-dipped silver-plated chain with a lobster-clasp and adjustable links.

Margarita is smart and outgoing.  Sweet and light and fun to wear.

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All measurements are approximate.
Necklet diameter: 130mm
Circumference: Necklet: 410mm Fern chain: 480mm to 530mm
Decoration: 50mm x 50mm
Width: 2mm
Weight: 32 grams

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Neck fitting

Fern chain, Sterling silver necklet